22 Jun 2010

Norge 2010

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Pues si, en poquito mas de una semana Heidi y yo salimos pa Noruega, yipieeeeeeeee!!!

Objetivo: Knivskjelloden (el verdadero 'Cabo Norte').

Aunque la verdad es que si no llegamos hasta alli arriba, nos da exactamente igual -> La prioridad es disfrutar al maximo de los paisajes noruegos, ver bueyes almizcleros e intentar avistar pigargos.

Os mantendremos informados!!!


Marta & Heidi.

In a bit more than one week, Heidi and I will be heading to Norway!
Destination: Knivskjelloden (the real North Cape).
But... the fact is that if we don't get to the top top top, we don't care at all. Our priority is enjoying the Norwegian landscapes, seeing Musk oxes and trying to spot some White-tailed Eagles...
We'll keep you posted!
Big hug,
Marta & Heidi.

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