31 Aug 2010

Another weekend at home

This weekend I managed to squeeze a trip to Spain to visit family & friends.

After spending a lazy Friday at my parents' place and a lazy Saturday at a friends' house, I decided that on Sunday I had to do something more productive.

So on Sunday I got up early and went for a morning ride with my F650GS (couldn't skip lunch, my dad was cooking some of his fish specialties!!!).

I headed to the Pyrenees (too warm to go somewhere else!) and I enjoyed it a lot!

This is the route I followed:

(This area of Catalonia is very close to the French border - actually, if you draw a straight line, Espinavell is less than 5 Km from France).

What did I do?

I rode up to Sant Joan de les Abadesses and from there I went to Camprodon and then Espinavell.

In Espinavell I took a track (wide and well maintained) that leads to Setcases. What a beautiful landscape! There was a bit of a traffic, but I was riding VERY slow, so I had no issues.

While riding up the hill from Espinavell, there are some very nice views of the Costabona and of other mountains (I don't know their names). The day was gorgeous. Sunny. No wind. And thanks to the altitude temperature was bearable.

The descent to Setcases is mostly between trees. This means I had plenty of shade, so temperature was not a problem.

I enjoyed it a lot! Even thought the track was very easy, I admit I was riding very slow (my off-road skills are deplorable...) but I was very happy to see such a nice landscape and to be in the middle of the mountain with my small GS! I have to find more tracks similar to this one!

Back to the route:

Once in Setcases, I rode back to Camprodon and, after Camprodon, I took a concrete track which communicates with Ogassa.

In Ogassa I did a time check and realized I had to head back home, otherwise was going to be late for lunch. So I rode to Sant Joan de les Abadesses and, from there, I went home.

It wasn't an ambitious ride, just a relaxing one, but it made my day!

And as usual, some pics here:

Pics Catalunya (Pirineus Agost 2010)

Hope you like them!

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