18 Jul 2010

Summary of the three last days (with pics!)

(No me ha dado tiempo a traducir al español, lo hago esta noche, pero si vais hasta el final del todo, hay los links a las fotos. Hay algunas de chulas!!!)

Hi All!

Quick update of the last 3 days (and then some pics, of course! :D)

15th July: Molsjoen – Oppdal (538 Km).

E6 was a bit stressing (too much traffic) so I left it as soon as I could.

In Grong took road 17 (it was like riding in the Swiss Jura!) and from there took road 720 up to Rorvik. Gorgeous road this last one! Pity it started to rain...

Took the ferry from Rorvik to Flakk, avoided Trondheim thanks to back road 707 and got to Oppdal via E6.

The last E6 stretch was a pain. Raining, lots of traffic that were spraying muddy water, speed controls, my left knee was aching... Ouf!

But I made it to Oppdal, my goal for that day and got a very nice appartment there.

Had a delicious salmon portion for dinner (the Lofoten one I buy in Coop!) and got to bed early, because next day I was going to be hiking in Dovrefjel, home of the Musk Oxes!!!

16th of July: Hiking in Dovrefjel (Heidi had a rest!)

No motorbike today.

Hiking in Dovrefjel (guided hike) to spot musk oxes.

Gorgeous landscape, gorgeous weather (a bit windy, but good because it frightened all bugs), great group (I was adopted by a Norwegian family – the two daughters were so nice and cute!!!)... And we saw some musk oxes!!! (from a security distance – not to disturb the animals).

They were massive!!! And cuuute!!! I wanted to hug them!!!

We also saw a group of nice Icelandic horses. They were beautiful! And some of them really sociable!

We were back to Oppdal late afternoon.

Filled Heidi with oil and bougth a new bottle (had finished the 'posh' Castrol I had).

At night I joined a moose safari. At the beginning was a bit boring, but then we started spotting mooses and everything went much better.

Went to bed around 2 AM.

Great day!!!

17th July: Oppdal - Lom (plus road 55 stretch) – 282 Km

Woke up late.

Took it easy for breakfast, packing...

E6 from Oppdal to Otta. Expected another traffic nightmare, but was completely mistaken!

Few traffic and nice views.

In Otta took road 15 direction Lom.


Got a hotel in Lom (expensive!) and decided to do road 55 (Sognefjellet). Considered one of the nicest roads in Norway.

Oh my God!!!

What a landscape!!! Had to stop every few meters to take pictures!!!


I spent some time sitting next to a stream listening the water flow... That was peace...

With so many pics and stops it took me a while to get to the top (just 50 Km but I invested hours!).

Temp was going down (10ºC less than in Lom) and started getting windy so decided to come back to Lom the same way (was going to take too long if I did a complete loop finishing 55 and taking 5 and 15 again).

What an afternoon! So happy I decided to come back do this road (hadn't had time on my way North).

Once in the hotel, had a warm shower and went out to get something to eat.

I took the opportunity to visit Lom's stave church. Was closed, but the building & graveyard were beautiful! Was very black and you could smell tarr. Then I saw a sign explaining that had been recently 'tarred'.

And that was Saturday!
Links to the pics:
Pics 15th July
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  1. que pasada martita, espero lo estes disfrutando
    Besos desde Quito
    Cris y Alber

  2. besos desde la poco exotica Madrid
    Marta M